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Frequently Asked Questions

So what is this place? 

You can think of Arena Esports as a modern spin on the classic arcade with a coffee shop like experience! We offer a social gaming experience like no other! 

Do I need reservations? 

Reservations are not necessary for open hours! Just stop on By! However you need reservations for private events.

How does it work? 

There are various options as to pricing plans/specials, however, once time is in your account it is there until you use it! That means you can load time onto your account to come and go as you please! 

Can I drop my kids off? 

As long as kids are well behaved and above the age of 9 they can be dropped off during open hours!

Can anyone come in? 

Yes! you do not need to play competitively to enjoy Arena Esports! We offer many single player games and fun co-op experiences!

What can I do here? 

You are welcome to use our PC, Xbox series X, PlayStation Five, Nintendo Switch or Valve Index (Virtual Reality) for a unique social gaming experience. We also offer traditional games in our lower level including arcades, pool, darts and more.

Do you host tournaments? 

Yes! We hold tournaments for various gaming genres to spectate or participate!

Can anyone join tournaments? 

Yes! tournaments can be entered (for a fee) by anyone for a chance to win a cash prize! 

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